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Arsenal v West Ham United on 05 October 1966 - Football Programme


Arsenal v West Ham United on 05 October 1966 - Football Programme

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Programme Date05 October 1966
Programme MatchArsenal v West Ham United
Programme Condition8
Programme Condition Description
DetailsFootball League Cup - 3rd Round

Wed. 7.30 K.).

Prog. Price 6p


until this season arsenals attitude to the Football League Cup inaugurated in 1960 was the length of the season was not sufficient for us to take on such a commitment with its unknown number of matches.
we always said that if ever the seaon were extended we would think again, and we kept our word when it became clear that the extra 2room for manoeuvre" would be forthcoming this season. The fact that winning the League Cup now gives entry to Europe ( via the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup) was not the major one in our change of attitude >
The Final to be played for the first time at Wembly on a date no later than March 4,
a record entry of 90 Clubs with the exception of Liverpool and Everton , who are committed in Europe.
The League have given specific date to each Round, in contrast to the early years when rounds were sometimes spread over several weeks.

On Thursday Arsenal agreed terms with Chelsea for the Part exchange in which George Graham has come to Highbury and Tommy Baldwin to Chelsea.
George who is 21 was Chelsea's top scorer last season with 23 goals.

On Saturday Bobby McNab 23 year old full-back joined us from Huddersfield.

A few years ago people ran on the pitch.
then there was a spate of smashing up railway carriages.
The latest craze appears to be throwing things at each other in the crowd and the continous flow of bad language.
Up to the moment we have not experienced severe trouble at Highbury , a number of people have written saying they will not bring their young ladies because of the bad language.
When West Ham visited us there was an incident in the North Terrace where someone threw an object which struck a West Ham supporter. he and his friends set upon a young man who had to be taken to hospital.
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