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Arsenal v Burnley on 26 November 1955 - Football Programme


Arsenal v Burnley on 26 November 1955 - Football Programme

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Programme Date26 November 1955
Programme MatchArsenal v Burnley
Programme Condition9
Programme Condition Descriptionsome faded pencil lines on back page; Team changes made in ink.
Details1st Blackpool Played 17 Pts 23
4th Burnley Played 17 Pts 21
16th Arsenal Played 17 Pts 16

sat 2.15pm K.O.

Editorial :
Played Friendly with Glasgow Rangers on Monday which Rangers Won 2-0.

An extract from the Rangers programme.

Arsenal has a particular attraction.
The London Club by virtue of remarkable success over the years has the unique appeal reserved to a small circle of clubswho , rich in tradition, never shed the glamour of "biggness" no matter the position held in the leadue table. 
that is a gift few can claim. a distinction achieved by tremendous effort not over a few years, but a lifetime and even longer. The small and select band of clubs will always find Arsenal in the forefront for the greatness that is Highbury has come from purple performances stretching deep into history rather than from dramatic, but fleeting success. They must stand the test of time.
Arsenal have dobne so just as we ,too, have never ceased in our efforts to bring furtherr dignity and honour to our club. 
Niether at Highbury or the stadium, no matter the invitable spells of adversity , have those who so jealously gaurd the club ideal deviated from the task.
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