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that man. So what if Lehmann was booked for time-wasting' in added-on time? It's nhntiog compared to the well-practised but seemingly invisible to the print media artless time-wasting and general ill-sportsmanship used time and again by Bolton. I remember the BBC commentator harping on about Lehmann getting booked in the Wigan match for time-wasting with the words, Now who's time-wasting? . Hypocrite. He didn't dare use the judgment on a possible future England international (kirland), but if the situation were reversed and it was Lehmann re-positioning the ball at every opportunity for goal kicks then I'm sure he wouldn't have enjoyed the same benefit the BBC oaf afforded Kirkland.They and other teams know it winds Arsenal up and maybe this is another argument in itself, but when I see Ivan Missing Link Campo deliberately kick Hleb as soon as the ref's back is turned, any measure of good-will I may have had to the poor hard done by Trotters thankfully vanishes. I've been to league and european games and I agree that we can and have time-wasted, but it's seldom been of the order of the time-wasting indulged by Bolton; running the ball in to the corner flag with three minutes of the 90 to go is hardly the same as swapping one player apparently ready to take a throw-in for another who has hitherto demonstrated any interest in the ball other than to mete sly kicks to the ankles.Also, Robbie Keane standing in front of Lehmann in one of the Carling Cup games; he doesn't seem to do it against other teams, but because he (and every other forward) knows it winds Lehmann up, he'll do it. What's more, maybe he's entitled to as it winds our resident genius keeper/clown up a treat; this is more Lehmann's problem than an opposition player's easy guile, but it could speak for the rest of the team. Don't get wound up by the time-wasting tactics of other teams and just concentrate on equalising and then finding the winner/winning goals.On another note, Nolan/Davies/Al-Lard-dyce, but especially Nolan can taking a running jump about Fab's alleged temper'. Why'd you not say that before the match, fat-Kev (Davies is thick Kev')? If it is so evident, then I'm expecting that it would've manifested itself in other matches prior to your righteous defeat, fat-Kev. Go and chew on the grapes that your aesthetically-facially challegend boss favours, you who will never play for England.
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Posted by sxOZzfJOLsyRwJ - 19 October 2012

Wenger should resign 
Everyone is to scared to tell him as they think the club will not survive 
He is stuck in his mentality and won't change or listen. 
Maggie Thatcher was the same and ultimately paid the price. 
Nobody stays forever. 
Put Steve Bould in charge. 
Done well with the reserves and will put some British bottle back into the side. 
Wenger you knew Fab was going and you know we have no C.Forwards ( Persie is great but not a C.Forward) 
You know Gibbs is injury prone 
You knew we have a problem at C.Half 
Why on earth has he not purchased anybody. 
I want a football manager not a Bank manager. 
Derisory amounts offered for Jagielka and Mata . 
This is bull sh-- .Wenger is playing the old Spurs trick to appease fans. i.e. Pretend that your in the Market to buy players but not offer enough to get them. 
You can fool some of the people some of the time Wenger. 
But read my points going back to 2007 . 
You can't put a defence together. 
You won your titles with George Grahams defenders. 
You have less than 2 weeks to do something. 
If you don't we will be out of champions league next year. 
Won't win anything for at least another 3 seasons 
Be lucky to stay in top 10 this season. 
Everton Chairman has basically said come and buy Jagielka and Baines for £ 24million. 
That sorts out the L.Back and C.Half position. 
What about Scott Parker for £6milion. 
That's less than we got for Fab. 
We need some new blood and some experience players . 
Plus there Brits and have bottle. 
Close your ears Arsene and resign.
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Posted by Ardy - 21 August 2011

how is the club doing now
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Posted by gerald - 27 May 2011

how is the club doing now
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Posted by gerald - 27 May 2011

Hey, good to find someone who areges with me. GMTA.
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Posted by qvYUQCIaDoxqHClDER - 8 May 2011

Arsenal vs Chelsea HQ streams at: www.kofss.com
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Posted by dudu - 27 December 2010

Partizan Arsenal 2-0
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Posted by Dragan - 4 September 2010

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Posted by Dragan - 4 September 2010

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Posted by GrobarKS - 4 September 2010

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Posted by PARTIZAN CHAMPION - 4 September 2010

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Posted by ALCATRAZ - 4 September 2010

Hi Ardy 
Fully agree about buying bigger North European players. What is your view about the new UK player quota coming into the Premiership from 1 Sept? I quite like the idea but I am not sure if they way they have designed it will necessarily work? 
What do you think? 
P.S. I think the Gerrard thing may have been wrong as supposedly Mrs Gerrard does not even have a sister!
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Posted by James - 7 August 2010

Arsenal's new Signings 
A New French Centre Forward , who is small weak and cannot get into a poor French World Cup Squade 
A French Centre Half ( Koscielny ). Another No Hoper  
French World Cup Squad Defence was useless. 
He could not even get into it. 
Simply read what he says about himself. 
" I am not ready to compete in England immediately as I am not yet STRONG enough to deal with its physical nature.  
"I will need time to adapt. I have to earn a position in the team and play,"  
"Nothing is for sure so far. I believe I will have to work hard, doing a lot of bodybuilding exercises to resist Premier League forwards. 
"I am NOT strongly built, but I make up for it with some cleverness, positioning and anticipation. I believe the manager has appreciated my state of mind, my concentration on the game." 
The move to the Emirates Stadium marks a significant step up in class for the Frenchman . 
Arsene Listen to others - Stop buying small French nobodies.  
We need some strong North European ( England is included in North Europe - Wake Up Arsene ) Players. 

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Posted by - 9 July 2010

Have we heard the latest News on why England performed so dismally in the World Cup. 
Apparently "Courts have held a gagging order on Steve Gerrard's private life. 
It turns out he got his wife's sister pregnant. 
This will hit the newspapers around the 14th July . 
The judge held the gagging order to protect FA while they decide on Capello and the future of English football. 
John Terry and the England players all knew about it and John Terry's Jelousy of Gerrad let his own ego go before the Nations World cup Dreams. 
John Terry had an argument with Capello because Gerrard got to keep the captain's armband.  
The tension in the camp was down to John Terry and other members of the squad supporting him. 
The Chelsea crew of Ashley Cole , Joe Cole and Frank Lampard were vociferous . 
Frank Lampard was particulaly strong in his feelings about Gerard as he felt that he should be given the Captains arm band. 
Other squad members gave their backing to Gerrard.  
The outburst from John Terry to the press and the subsequent press conference given by Capello and Gerrad was related to the tension . 
Football pundits know what has happened but could not say anything. 
Hence they kept commenting that the players did not appear to be close on the field and there might be a problem in the backroom. 
They have tried to blame Capello for his management. 
John Terry wanted Gerrard exposed - they hate each other. 
This is what has just been passed to me and has been confirmed by a couple of press contacts.” 
No wonder Terry and Lampard’s performances have been shocking. 
Both did not want to support Gerard on or off the field. They are a disgrace. 
Capello should be retained as manager who we then hope will drop Terry and Lampard from the squad. 
If we bring in a new manager they will not fully understand what really went on and therefore pander to Terry and Lampards ego’s  
We should send the word out to all supporters that when Terry plays don’t jeer him just shout one word “DISGRACE” and keep repeating it whilst he has the ball. 
Honour and Country ! 
Where was Terry's  
Terry's selfish ego has let the whole nation down. 
A Disgrace to England and what we thought we stood for. 
Disgrace !!!! 

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Posted by - 1 July 2010

Hi James 
I think Wenger has had his time and should now think about letting someone else take over the reins. 
When he first arrived he brought in some fresh players such as Anelka , Petit and Viera. 
Then Henry and Pires. 
They were fantastic playing in front of the Original George Grahams defence. 
Since the last of the defenders have gone , Keown and Parlour Arsene has proven he can make an existing good team great . 
But it now seems he does not know how to make a full 11 team great from scratch. 
End of season 2008-2009 we knew that if we did not win anything this year Fabregas would go. 
Wenger only purchased i decent player Vermuleun. 
This year we will lose Fab and Gallas. 
Last year we lost Toure and Adebayor  
Year before we lost Henry 
Year before we lost Hleb and Flamini. 
Year before we lost Viera , Pires. 
We are losing World class players and buying inexperienced youngsters. 
I hear we are looking at Hagalaand the Fulham C.Half. 
Last season Wenger was saying he was to slow. 
Now we are looking at him . Why , has he improved so much. No !  
Wenger is panicing. 
We have purchased a new French C.Forward . 
Have you seen him. 
He is another small player. 
Wenger must start to understand you need athletes to win , not pretty ball playing circus acts. 
I nearly did not renew my season tickets this year. 
We are not playing wonderful football that the media write about. 
The results show we are not a fantastic team. 
When we play the better teams we get hammered. 
Man. Utd. 
All of the above did not only beat us , they made us look stupid. 
They were physically stronger , fitter and better. 
Man. City took 4 points from us. 
Spurs have now caught up to us . 
Next season could be hell. 
Wenger this is now your test. 
Do something , Buy some experienced strong players. 
Wenger you have 1 seas 
mthis clutching at st  
i have been
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Posted by Ardy - 1 June 2010

Hi Ardy 
Great to see so many comments in the chat room, also impressed someone managed to read through the whole of your Vol 1, not for the faint hearted! 
I agree with Moroof - Ardy do you know why Arsene will not spend money on some new players particularly some tough, British centre backs/midfield general types?  
Are Arsenal short of money or is he just being prudent? Do you have an inside info on this... 
Cheers and keep up the good work. 
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Posted by James - 15 May 2010

fabregas pls don"t leave ARSENAL FC 

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Posted by praise, saheed - 28 April 2010

This is the weakest of Arsenal teams for the last 10 years. No real pace ( Henry Pires Overmars Lunberg ) Slow build up with players like Diaby without any idea's. Its sad to see
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Posted by Howard Cheek - 15 April 2010

Why arsene wenger so selfish to buy player
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Posted by Moroof - 13 March 2010

Why arsene wenger refuse to buy players
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Posted by Moroof - 13 March 2010

Hi Sensible 
always interseting hearing these sort of comments. Without knowing your background its difficult to argue. 
Explain what you personally do that is so awe inspiring and what you do with your personal time. 
Do you think that sport has no value , or is it only football. 
What should i turn my time to. 

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Posted by Ardy - 7 March 2010

What a load of rubbish football is, a lot of highly paid egotistic male chavonist idiots. The supporters are just as bad. 
Divert your energies to something more worthwhile!
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Posted by Sensible - 5 March 2010

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Posted by - 5 October 2009

Hi Celtic till I die. 
Yes yr right in every respect. 
however did it stop one of yr players being sent off this weekend for trying to Dive. 
Its disgusting behaviour by all players . 
But if yr honest there was no way you were going to beat Arsenal . You needed to score 3 goals away from home against a team that was looking better than you. 
possibly it makes what Eduardo did even more pathetic. 
I hate whats happening to our game. 
Players are cheats ! 
Referee's are as much to blame. 
They are not proffessional and will not let new technology help them. 
Finally look at what happened at Man. Utd this weekend. 
1 nil up and the better team by miles. 
Man U players made at least 10 fouls with no bookings.  
Arsenal 1st foul and the yellow card came out. 
A penalty that Rooney was going down before any contact.  
lets be honest , he cheated , but we cannot say that anymore because the keeper came out !  
the Ref was crap. 
Mr Celtic yr right , but its everyone and its ruining the game. 
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Posted by Rhino - 1 September 2009

Eduardo should be ashamed of himself, he is nothing more than a cheat, him and many like him are ruining the fairness and passion, that is the key to beautiful football. he should have been embaressed to celebrate scoring that penalty.
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Posted by Celtic till i die! - 26 August 2009

Back from hols. 
The Gunners have started well , but frankly i cannot see it lasting. 
we have an easy start to the season so lets hope we pick up points and that it gives us confidence for when we play the big teams. 
regretfully February etc months will kill us as usual. 
Everyone knows we still need a big C.Half and a midfield Killer. 
No name dropping but over the summer i have had some long discussions with 3 ex Arsenal players. 
All say exactly the same as me. 
Each one has said that although Arsene is a great manager regretfully his ego has got the better of him , and he wants to prove he is right . 
i.e. we can play from the back and do not need a big C.Half. 
He's own ego has become bigger than the club. 
Thats not right ! 
What can i say , i have the fear that this season will be the same as last. 
Lets hope that Man. City and Spurs have not improved to much otherwise 4th place may not be ours. 
Only time will tell if i am right. 
I was last season ! 

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Posted by ARDY - 21 August 2009

Blimey listening to a couple of old coggers. 
Only joking 
Come on Ardy a new season ahead we can start dreaming. 
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Posted by Rhino - 9 July 2009

Hello lambeth walker 
Regret I have not had time to update my history, I will add to it slowly as I get time. 
It's good to hear from someone around my age. I love your sentiments ., and agree with you. 
I think my problem with arsene is that I believe his ego has now got the better of him and he will not change even if his wrong. This is not just me thinking this, it is being said by ex players and people still involved at the club. 
I still believe that he has not won a title without any of Graham defensive players . 
Therefore I believe he may be clever etc but possibly defensively niaive. 
I want a manager who feels and hurts and fights for the club. 
A few years ago I remember losing at home 5-0 to Chelsea in the league cup. 
Why, because arsene feels it is not important and played the kids. 
I remember losing in the league cup final to both Leeds and Swindon. I can tell you I cried. The competition is important to us the fans and arsene does not feel this. What is important to him is showing everyone how clever he is. 
Before the last game of the season he took some critism. Some of it was 100% correct. Rather than listenand consider there may be some valid points, He whinged and said that these people should support him and the players and stop being negative as it affects the players. 
Talk about turn the tables and blame others. 
Secondly as a fan I pay good money to watch arsenal and why should I not show my feelings at the game. 
Lambeth walker if yr my age you will know that in the 60'70's&80's the crowds would get on players backs if they felt they were not playing well or trying hard. What political madness is happening that nowadays we cannot show this, especially when many of the players such as adebayor have no heart in the club and and are mercenaries. 
Then before the last game of the season wenger let it be known that real Madrid were after him. This was just a political move and all the fans turned up with signs and singing there support for him. I dislike this manipulation. 
If we haven't got the money ok. But someone is not telling the truth as the directors say he has. 
He has just spent £10m on a c.half. 
At last. We have beensaying this for 2yrs. 
However if as i understand the guy is not even 6ft tall then however good he is , what we need is a good old english style player as all the top sides have. 
Lamethwalker your a man after my own heart but i have simply become fed up with wengers manipulation and ego. And i believe his heart is not for arsenal but more for himself. When he wins a title with his own 11 players as george graham and bertie mee did then i will accept everything he has done and will do.off the soapbox. I will still be there next season singing my heart out whether we win or lose. 
Up the gunners 

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Posted by Ardy - 4 July 2009

Just come across your site, enjoyed reading ARDY's back ground part 1, however because I'm kin useless with computers I can't find vol 2 - The Double. 
I have to agree with ARDY thou, that the period prior to the double, as in my case 1963, the moden Arsenal fans would not accept & maybe slip off to a more successful club.! 
The point I am trying to make is that most football fan's win something once in a life time, and when I see comments suggesting Arsene must go, I think how spoilt our fan's have become, as we have been truly blessed being able follow such a fantastic club & maybe because I'm over 50, looking back at a more affordable & accessible Arsenal, I do not get stressed when fail to beat every body. 
In my view 4th is ok- Semis are ok- the future is very bright- we will win trophies again, and we will enjoy it, cos Arsenal always do things in the correct manner, no £30mil jockey risking our club. We are the Arsenal. Always remember that. 
have faith 
God bless ya. 

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Posted by Lambethwalker - 3 July 2009

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Posted by - 30 June 2009

Arsene , you have 1 saeson left to prove yourself. 
Lets see what you can do. 
IP address:
Posted by - 30 May 2009

Looks like Wenger has left it to the ladies and the youth team to get the silver ware, maybe Wenger should take some tips from Steve Bould
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Posted by Anna's-Banners - 29 May 2009

Anna's Banners, 
Like your sentiment but the days of pure football have sadly gone. Money Rules !!!! 
However i agree we need experienced players and should bring the youngsters through gradually. 
Amazing that in Arsenes first few years at Arsenal he never gave the youngsters a chance. Even if we were 3-0 up with 20 minutes to go he would only bring them on for the last 5minutes. 
At the Chelsea game I saw the banner "IN ARSENE WE TRUST". 
I might trust him if he spoke truthfully and kept to the same script . 
however he changes what he says depending on the situation. ( yes i know other managers do the same - but then i don't trsut them ; or politicians ) 
How many managers have survived at Arsenal for 4 seasons without winning a trophy. 
Arsene Your time is running out as far as many of the fans are concerned. 

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 14 May 2009

Great to hear we are thinking the same re Wenger, we do need some British blood in the team, and some local talented lads, with passion and hunger, like Charlie George. Bring back real football, thats not governed by money or decided by the ref's who are trying to make a name for them selves. 
As for a new manager, maybe just have anyone who is willing to buy new experienced players, and bring our young players up at slower pace until they are really biting at the bit and wanting to win rather than playing beautful football.
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Posted by Anna's-Banners - 13 May 2009

Just come across ur website and some interesting comments have been made over the last couple of months. 
Firstly, I agree that against Chelsea it was refreshing to see that we came out strongly for the first 15-20 minutes. They couldnt really handle us to begin with and we created chances which in fairness we should have put away and that would have led to a completely different game. 
I agree that Theo doesn't seem up to it quite yet and his head seems to drop very easily which is something i noticed against man u. He didn't chase anything!! Even though as a fan u knew we were out of the champions league at 3-0 down (agg) you still want to see ur players chasing for the ball showing a bit of fight but he has none!! 
On Arsene Wenger, yes he is looking to balance the books, but at the same time he has to due to just having built a new stadium causing us to be in massive debt. However, as you have said Rhino this is not a managers job but a financier's. In addition to this I admit he has lost the plot somewhat but who would we bring in at the moment as there isnt really anyone out there. 
Yes you could say mourinho but he wont come to arsenal. So who else is there that would do a better job right now? 
Arsene's not the future but i think for now we have to stick with him and hope his outlook and philosophy on buying players changes!! 
IP address:
Posted by Red_army - 13 May 2009

Islington Gooner. 
You are right!!! 
Its so good to hear others who think the same. I don't want a Bank manager as our Manager . 
Deal with Football Arsene. 
Arsene is saying we need 3 experienced players next season. 
When did he wake up !! We have been saying that for over 3 years . 
Excuse next season will be that the new players needed time to settle into the Arsenal style of play. 
Islington Gooner is right another season of Bull s--t . 
We need a CB and a RB. 
We need a fighting midfielder who has energy and  
can put it about. 
We need a CF who can score. 
season Ticket Prices are a joke. They don't care about the fans anymore. Its about Money . 
Mercenary players. 
Arsenes Ego. 
Born AND Bred Islington Man !!! 
Thats why it hurts . 
Arsene wouldn't understand this . 

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 13 May 2009

I am amased at the constant praise for arsene wenger, the bloke has to go, now. 
It is wrong to consider anyone a fake supporter that critises this man, we have to many foreigners who are nothing but mercenaries, and only want money. we need experience yes, and we need a couple of british battlers, and for %$&k sake stop ripping the fans of with ticket prices, Arsenal was a football club for the fans once but now its nothing but a money making machine for the board. 
It is not arsenes job to balance the bloody books and he is on a ego trip with his little buy's, he has lost touch and need's a quality CB, two ideally, a Quality GK, a Quality DM and a Quality winger, along with ideally two Strikers, thats 7 players who we all know he is not going to get, so another crap season at the emirates.
IP address:
Posted by islington gooner - 11 May 2009

Losing at Home to Chelsea 4 - 1. 
really lost for words. 
We didn't play bad. we came out firing all guns which makes a change. 
1st goal from a free kick which was never a foul. 
An Own Goal. 
last one was offside. 
Defence : Not strong enough.  
No dominant Centre Half.( all successful 
teams have a dominant C.H )  
Sagna seems to have no pace. 
Midfield : Diaby cannot play on the Wing. Not sure if 
he is good enough even for central 
Theo disappears in the big games.  
Against Man.U Lennon crucified Evra. 
Theo on the otherhand was tied up by  
Denilson ; Love him;but he is not good enough. 
Song : Not sure yet. Been playing well.  
Forwards : Bendtner . STOP playing him on the 
wing. If you want a 
winger , play a winger. 
Adebayor . Sell him !!! 
2 players to buy immediately. 
Tevez . Class , does not stop running , experience ! 
Hagalaand. Dominant Centre Half  
We also need an dominant midfield player with experience. Possibly Alonso 
we need Experience players in the spine of our team.. 
please Wenger stop buying pretty ballerinas , get some experienced muscle. 

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 11 May 2009

Anna's Banner , 
i really can feel that you are seeing Red . 
I have to say that i wish Arsene showed the same passion that you have. 
Until we get some good solid English players with passion we will never win the league. 
No Spine . 
Arsene its all your fault. 
IP address:
Posted by Ardy - 8 May 2009

Anna's Banners, 
she is right ! 
Wenger needs to buy some experienced players with fire in their bellies. 
In both Semi-Finals it was like watching boys playing against men. 
Chelsea's midfield simply physically to strong for us. 
Man. U midfield the same. 
I Love our midfield players : Fabregas / Nasr / Theo 
/ Denilson / Arshavin 
They are not athletes that can stand up to midfields 
Essien / Lampard / Ballack / Mickel 
Anderson / Carrick / Fletcher / Park  
Hanson has got one thing right . 
Wenger change your ideas or GO !!!! 

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 6 May 2009

What a sham, did they really try??? Do they really care!!! Need new goal keeper, lets spend some money and stop making good players be bought by the chelsea's etc, maybe we could buy Renaldo? 
I don't know the answer, but I don't get paid Wengers wage,he is obviously getting paid too much as he does not have the answer either.
IP address:
Posted by Anna's-Banners - 5 May 2009

Hi Anna's Banners, 
Feel that we possibly do need some fresh blood. 
But who is there. 
I had dinner with an ex Arsenal Manager last week ( No Names ). 
Literally spent all night with him. 
Had a great time and spent hours just talking football and Arsenal . 
He believes that Arsenal have a problem. 
He feels without Arsene the club would have a problem. 
However he feels that Arsene has lost the plot as far as managing the side is concerned and that winning is not his priority anymore . 
Frankly speaking I have heard this from a number of people . 
Rather concerning as a fan. 
Arsenal in the blood ! we'll come through it as always. 
IP address:
Posted by - 2 May 2009

Hello Devante , 
you sent me an email , i probably have most programmes for the games that Arsene has been manager., but I do not sell them. 
Quite easy to find as there are lots of people who sell programmes on the web as a business. 
Regret game against Man. U went rather badly and can't see us going any further. 
Ah well lets see what next season holds in store for us.. 
IP address:
Posted by Ardy - 2 May 2009

Hi Ardy, 
Disappointing result tonight, how do you think it's going to go on Tuesday? 
Is it time for a new manager, plus some experience in the team, instead of young talented players, we need some strength. 
Gooners forever.
IP address:
Posted by Annas-Banners - 29 April 2009

think yr being a bit harsh on Sylvestre he played OK against M'boro. 
Solid , reliable and experienced , which is what we need at the moment. 
Good squad player 

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 27 April 2009

Well Sylvestre played crap over the weekend. 
and Gibbs played really well. 
Blame the keeper but when you have a c.half who is so slow you lose confidence. 
He had a great game at Liverpool but we let 4 goals in. 
Syvestre must be blamed for 1 possible 2. 
We should never buy Man. U rejects. 
If there not good enough for them they are not good enough for us ! 
Hello Kinley nice to hear from you 
IP address:
Posted by ARDY - 26 April 2009

niceky played and well done 

IP address:
Posted by kinley tenzin - 24 April 2009

BIG week upon us. 
we could be in Semi Final of Champions League and Final of FA Cup . 
OUT of everything. 
We need Sylvestre to have 2 wonder games and Gibbs to come of age , or we are doomed. 

IP address:
Posted by Ardy - 14 April 2009

Hi Toni, 
I have a couple of tickets already, I have asked around . What part of the stadium are they in and how much do you want for them. 
IP address:
Posted by Ardy - 12 April 2009

i like your positiveness and yes we are doing well. But look now . 
Gallas . Glichey & Djourou all out , at the time we need them .  
Villarreal on Wednesday followed by the FA Cup Semi - final against Chelsea over the weekend. 
Our season could be over by next week. 
i think we will beat Villareal , but Chelsea are looking strong and our defence without Gallas & Glichey will be pulled to pieces. 

IP address:
Posted by Ardy - 12 April 2009

I have some tickets for arsenal-villarreal. Anybody interested write rum.i.malmo@gmail.com
IP address:
Posted by toni - 2 April 2009

i know what you are saying , but we are on the up. 
Arshavin is new and has added something to our attack. 
the Defence is looking strong again. 
Van Persie is on fire. 
Fabregas and Adebayor are nearly fit and should be back just in time for the Euro's . 
be a little more positive Ardy. 

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 1 April 2009

Oh yes. 
We beat the Geordies and Villa go down 5 - 0 . 
the big mouth O'Niel has shut up for once.  
come on you Gunnersr 

IP address:
Posted by Ardy - 23 March 2009

hi Rhino, 
long time no hear. 
i totally agree with you  
This weekend is really important for that 4th place. 
Villa away to Liverpool. Thats a tough one. 
If we can pull our fingers out and beat Newcastle we could be 3 points clear and better goal average. 
Come on you Reds  

IP address:
Posted by Ardy - 20 March 2009

Refs should start looking after us. 
Its now become the tactics , rough Arsenal up as they can't take it. 
Blackburn Diouf tackle on our Goalkeeper was disgusting. 
Arshavin had to have 8 stitches in his foot at Half time. 

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 18 March 2009

Hull City  
The pressures getting to them. 
Gallas Goal was offside. 
We should have had a stonewall penalty ! 
Their Goal was an own Goal 
Second Half they were crap. 
We hit woodwork twice. They were rubbish. 
Look at yr own tactics .  
Ref. was Appalling and let them get away with everything to stop us playing. 
Grow up Hull , next year your going down.  

IP address:
Posted by Rhino - 18 March 2009

Arsenal scored within 1 minute which completely chaned the game. Bentdner , terric and rubbish all in the same game. Played really well but missed a hatful of goals. 
Love him and think his great but if yr C.Forward cant score then hes not good enough. 
On the otherhand Arshavin played very average but scored 2 and one was terrific. 
Song had his best game
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Posted by Toni - 14 March 2009

I am selling a very rare and collectable Arsenal shirt from 95/96 season.It was neither issued as a replica nor worn by the team,it was however issued to the club as a prototype and is very scarce. Instead of the light blue used on the away shirt the prototype is yellow. Please have a look on Ebay under 'Retro Arsenal Shirt' - You won't be disappointed!
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Posted by LION 64 - 8 March 2009

A little Joke from a Spurs supporter i think. 
Regretfully I accept that Arsenal are not ging to win this competition , however I do not think they will go out to this side. 

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Posted by ARDY - 18 February 2009

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Posted by S.P.Q.R. - 18 February 2009

I agree with you . 
We used to love winning the League Cup and FA Cup. 
Why have we got into this frame of mind that they are second rate competitions. 
yes i dream of winning the Champions League and will never forget the feeling of losing that Final . 
Never really forgiving Lehmann for getting sent off and my hero Henry bottling it . 
I left Paris with my son and 2 of his friends feeling sick. 

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Posted by ARDY - 11 February 2009

What to do with the rest of the season. 
We cannot win the league. 
Realistically we cannot win the champions league 
Please Mr Wengre will you put our best team out to win the FA Cup. 
To you it may be just a small Cup, but to us Fans it is a Great Cup to win.  
STOP demeening it .
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Posted by - 11 February 2009

Arsene : you have to take the Blame. 
Whats going wrong ? 
Stop playing Eboue !: Yesterday he was playing OK 
then he made 1 mistake &  
that was it , he feigned injury 
He is not mentally strong & 
not good enough for 
Adebayor : He did not want to return to us in 
the summer . He's heart is not at 
Arsenal ! 
He is not fighting for the ball and is 
not making any runs. 
He is also not a natural goal scorer  
sell him while we can get good 
money for him. 
Djourou : has been our best defender for the 
past few weeks.  
Gallas is fit & he drops him. 
What does that say to the player. 
Not good management. 
Gallas : Does not play well with Toure & they 
do not get on personally. Why drop 
Arshavin : Why buy him !  
He is 27 (I thought Arsene only 
wanted players that were young & he 
Could Mould ( his words ). 
Arshavin is 27 yrs old & unproven  
Song : is a centre half he is not good enough  
to play in that position . Therefore why 
persist in playing him in the midfield.  
Answer :other than Diaby we have no  
physically strong midfield 
Therefore thats where we are 
losing out. 
Why persist with 2nd raters go 
& buy a mid field man who can 
dish it out . NOT ARSHAVIN 
another 5ft 2inch midfield play 
maker who will be kicked off the  
Wenger you have to take responsibility ; are you so stubborn that you cannot see the problems and losing the plot.  
We carry on like this next season we will have lost Fabregas and Will Van Persie stay for much longer. 

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Posted by Ardy - 1 February 2009

Arsenal make it difficult for themselves again. 
Either play for the win or don't bother at all. 
Wenger start getting your tactics right 
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Posted by Savvy - 27 January 2009

Well A's Banners it seems you were right. 
In the 1st 20 minutes Cardiff could have put 5 past us. 
We seem to not have any hunger in our bellies. 
What can I say , Arsene doesn't like players starting the game with the hunger and fight the Man Utd and Liverpool players start with. 
Oh Dear another season without winning a trophy .
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Posted by Ardy - 25 January 2009

A's Banners you are sooooo negative. 
We lost to them last year and will have learnt from our mistakes. 
Revenge is on our lips and Arsene will get it right this time. 
Wait and see 

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Posted by Dan - 25 January 2009

Glad your so positive , we lost to this lot last season. 
Its cold wet and we are away. 
Arsene will not play his full 1st team. 
Doom and Gloom. 

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Posted by A's-Banners - 25 January 2009

Get the feeling that the refs are trying to help Aston Villa take one of the top 4 spaces. 
Saturday a goal that was handball 
A penalty in the dying minutes which at worst was a free kick outside the area. 
handball in the area not given as a penalty against them . 
watch every game they play and see if the refs help them out. 
Yes its nice to see teams with English players doing well , but cheating by refs to help the cause is just not right. 

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Posted by Willy - 19 January 2009

Can you Adam and Eve it. 
88 minutes gone and Chelsea score 2 goals to win. 
Man U score in last minutes to win. 
Aston Villa with 10 players sneak it right at the end. 
Luck really isn't with us  
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Posted by Rhino - 18 January 2009

Refs wanted to stop the back chat they had the rule which would have helped eradicate it. They did not use it and therefore its themselves they have to blame. As in Rugby if there is a free kick and the players argue , simply move the ball forward a further 10 yards., etc; etc. When this was done in matches it soon shut the players up. REFS SHOULD BRING THIS INTO THE GAME AND USE IT !!!
Posted by - 18 January 2009

3-1 away to Hull  
who needs another Centre Forward. 
Djourou looks good at the back. 
were Back on track - Have faith with Arsene
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Posted by Anna's-Banners - 18 January 2009

hello, good site.
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Posted by - 6 December 2008

I hate Harry redknapp, I ued to really like him but now I hope he dies
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Posted by Jimthegooner - 13 November 2008

I have a wrexham v aresnal fa cup programme 1978,its free to any one who contacts me,burnley fan in peace.
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Posted by Hamish - 5 November 2008

ı love arsenal. 
ARSENAL 10-0 fenerbahce
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Posted by BESİKTAS - 21 October 2008

Hi James, 
Most of the media are bias towards Man. U / Chelsea/Liverscouse. 
However i have to say that this year i agree with them. 
I think this is the weakest Arsenal team i have seen in over 10yrs. 
Last season i felt that our first 11 ( 12 ) were as good as anybody in the league , but i was concerned that the strength in depth lacked the experience . 
it was proven correct. 
We played great football but towards the end of the season we tired and injuries hit us. 
This year we have lost Gilberto/Hleb/Flamini. 
No one has joined us that replaces the above 3 players. 
Nasri looks good but doesn't compare with Hleb. 
Sylvestre can't even get on the bench at Man. U ( Arsene has made us look a joke with that buy ) 
We have played 2nd rate teams so far this season and have been made to look 2nd rate by WBA , Fulham , Hull. 
We are a poor team at the moment. 
My predictions regarding Arsene are coming true. 
He brings in great players but only won trophies on the back of George Grahams solid back 4 and Ray Parlour. 
Know their all gone he has not won anything. 
Major concern 

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Posted by Ardy - 10 October 2008

Cannot believe after the amazing Carling Cup (6-0) match we then lost to Hull City (1-2) but then we win int the Champions League (4-0)!!!  
We really need to be more consistent wouldn't you say Ardy? 
However I hate the way none of the commentators consider that we really have a chance of winning the premiership even though everyone agrees we'll be top 4. Why are they so biased towards Liverpool/Chelsea/ManU? 
Come on you Gooners against Sunderland today!

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Posted by James - 4 October 2008

Hi Nick, 
read my comments below to Nabil regarding Theo. 
Sorry but the hype he recieves is pure hype. 
Where is this super speed we hear about. 
Against 15/16 year olds he may have been fast but it has stopped and against 20yr olds it is non existent. 
When he is one on one he passes. 
Watch his movement, it is virtually non-existent. 
He moves near to the opposition defenders rather than try to find space. ( could this be because he does not want to recieve the ball ). 
His body movement is rigid it does not flexible and therefore this resticts him. 
I could go on , stop making excuses for Theo , he has played quite a lot of games for us and so far has only turned it on a couple of times. 
Not many players get the same number of chances as him. 
Sorry . 

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Posted by Ardy - 26 August 2008

have read yr comments about Eboue. 
The fans at the Emirates are losing their patience with Eboue. ( What position should he play ) 
At R.Back he never put a tackle in and backed off all of the time. 
thats why Wenger has tried different positions for him. 
Also Sagna is really strong and playing well in that position, you cannot take him out. 
Eboue crosses the ball well , but is not fast enough for R.Midfield.  
He played Mid park this season and frankly speaking played OK. However it was at home to WBA and away to Fulham which we lost .  
Personally not sure he is strong enough for Midfield. 
Nobody has tried to buy him. this suggests he is not good enough for our first 11. 
As for Theo , against WBA he played R.Mid and was invisible.  
Against Fulham he again played R.Midfield he was also invisible. 
last season he was given a lot of chances and did not play well. 
Stop reading the newspaper hype, sad but i do not think Walcott will be good enough. 
As for replacing Flamini 100% you are right . 
We need a replacement , judging on our first 2 games we need it fast. 
Song should sing farewell, he is not good enough. 

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Posted by ARDY - 26 August 2008

hi guys do you think that wolcott better right midfield then on the left and your ing they are slow but thntre backs need to get back quicker i am not say they are not quick but they have to always stay with the person who they are marking and they need to stay really close to them like the are stuck to them like glue COME ON GUNNERS
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Posted by nick - 23 August 2008

hi guys do you think that wolcott better right midfield then on the left and your ing they are slow but thntre backs need to get back quicker i am not say they are not quick but they have to always stay with the person who they are marking and they need to stay really close to them like the are stuck to them like glue COME ON GUNNERS
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Posted by nick - 23 August 2008

Hello Guys, 
Do you think eboue is good in the midfield and right winger? if so how many goals did he score last season,Please Mr.Wenger no more sacrifice let him play RB, and sign give a chance to Theo. 
Also Please find a good replacement to Flamini , not Song.
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Posted by Nabil - 14 August 2008

I have to say that Arsene maybe becoming a meglamaniac. He will not listen to anyone else. 
We know from last season that our squad was not strong enough. 
This season it is weaker with departures of Flamini,Hleb&Gilberto., from midfield. 
Do i have faith in Eboue&Song - as replacements NO. They are second rate !!! 
Arsene we are not strong enough to win the league or Euro. Championships. 
So be honest , we fans pay a lot for our season tickets, this season let us at least put out our best teams for the FA Cup and Coke cup. 
Be assured if you don't we will win nothing again & Fabregas will go. plus any other good player we may have. 

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Posted by Ardy - 2 August 2008

Arsene is overated . 
we need experience in the squad. 
Have you seen the this seasons numbered squad. It is looking really weak. 
espeacially if we were to lose Hleb and maybe Ade. 
another season of promise with no return. 
then how long will Fabregas stay. 

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Posted by Goon - 23 June 2008

1) I do not think Nasari is better than Ben Arfa. PERIOD 
2) Wenger says it does not matter what nationality you are so long as your talented. But our club has more french players then anyone in the league. Gallas,clichy,sagna,traore, etc but previously vieria,henry,wiltord,flamini,diarra,anelka,petit,grimandi, etc..
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Posted by Analysis - 19 May 2008

these days arsenal is losing everything.i wish i could encourage them personally.i wsh them well
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Posted by richy - 17 April 2008

Cannot believe the Eduardo situation - really upsetting and according to my medical friends it looks quite likely that it could be the end of his career! Very sad indeed - video below is a tribute to the great young man. 
Video (please be advised that it’s pretty painful to watch)

Posted by James - 23 February 2008

anyone travel from birmingham to old trafford tomorrow(16/2) ? looking for a true gooner travel with me .txt 07872963052. thx 

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Posted by david - 15 February 2008

haven't heard much from you lately 
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Posted by Rhino - 11 February 2008

Yawn Yawn , 
Spursman Gloat while you can. 
You know , as we all know that you only beat us when we play our reserve side. 
Wait another 10 yrs before you beat us in the league. 
Should you get any good players they wont stay for long , either they get bought by Man. U or want to play in the First team - ARSENAL . 

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Posted by Ardy - 1 February 2008

5 - 1. 
Not Talking so big now are you Ardy
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Posted by Spursman 2 - 1 February 2008

Hi Melissa 
Having read your comment, if I am reading this correctly you have every Arsenal programme from1948. 
If my understanding is correct it will not be possible for you to give me a list of every programme otherwise you will be typing for the next 6 months. 
Frankly speaking I am an Arsenal Anorak , born & bred 10 minutes walk from the ground. 
My Mother and Grandfather were born in Islington and as a family we have supported the Reds from the time they moved to Highbury. I buy Arsenal programmes but never sell them, they are for my own enjoyment. 
If you have so many programmes I think it would be easier for you to simply count how many you have for each season. That should not take you to long. 
I look forward to your answer  
Posted by Ardy - 26 January 2008

Recently my aunty passed away, she was a fanatic arsenal fan and has left almost very official programme from 1948 up until the present 
day... the oldest we have are arsenal v chelsea 1948 its the white one with 
red around it, and then 1959-60 arsenal v b.ham city and 1960-61 
arsenal v chelsea.  
Then we have a large number of other ones. i am interested 
in selling them on and wondering if the are worth anything to you and 
what you would offer for them. if you could contact me back i would be very grateful thank you.
Posted by Melissa - 26 January 2008

Awesome site Ardy, has been entertaining me all day while hiding from the rain!!!
Posted by Sibbo - 15 January 2008

Hi James 
Walcott is a flake. 
Maybe in another year he'll make the grade, but frankly he is useless. 
He has shown a couple of bright moments but he is not up to it. 
Against Man. Utd. when Hleb & Ros. went off and Eduardo and Theo came on we lost all threat down the flanks and man. Utd took over the game in the last 15 minutes. 
I know Wenger wants to support him but it is detrimental to the team. 
We have an abundance of good midfielders ,  
Rather than build his experience we should build up players like Bendtner who we may need come the Winter months.
Posted by ARDY - 15 November 2007

What about Walcott, he looks like he is really starting to come good. Ardy what's your opinion on him after some excellent skills particularly that "Henry-style" goal recently?
Posted by James - 29 October 2007

Fella's I was a little soft. 
However ARDY has a point and we should all stick together , Red Blood is thicker than Lilly white Flower . 
ARDY - we will do everything to educate all North Londoners that Arsenal is the only team to support and to put all our efforts to have Spurs put into liquidation. 
Red & White will follow the ARDY as well.
Posted by Red & White - 8 October 2007